​Take me to the beach!

Hey lovelies! I haven’t been to the beach in so long! The last time I was at a beach was about 3 years ago when I received my AS degree and went to Galveston as a grad vacation. Well, I have a beach inspired mani today! Be sure to check it out on IG @holo_its_lalas_nails.

After applying base coat and base color (the lightest color of the gradient), I applied liquid laxtex around my cuticles to make cleanup easier. Once the latex was dry, I used a makeup sponge to create a gradient of the blue and nude polish. Then I cut off a tiny piece of sponge and used it to sponge on a little white in between the gradient. I sealed my gradient in with a top coat and painted on the starfish with a small dotting tool (patience is key!). I peeled the latex, did some clean up with acetone, and sealed in everything with 2 coats of top coat.

Products used:

Bye, Girl! Latex Barrier from Nailed it! Hawaii. The max it takes to dry is 3 minutes. It glitters when it is dry and it is easy to peel up. Also, I have used it as a peel off base coat when swatching and it works great. The one I have is Berri Vanilla scent which smells so yummy.

Bring It On Stain Blocker Base Coat from Superchic Lacquer. My fave base coat! I use 2 coats. A review can be found in “Blue, baby!”

See the Shells from Emma Jean Cosmetics. This nude applies a little streaky and is opaque in 2-3 coats.

Blue Skies Ahead! from Nailed it! Hawaii. This polish has been used in 3 manis in a row! I used 2 coats. Check my blog post “Blue, baby” for a review of this nail polish.

A mini nameless coral by L.A. Colors. I used this to make the starfish. All of my mini L.A. Colors are horrible (more than 3+ coaters and streaky), but I like using them for small art.

French White Crème by wet n wild. I used this to make the dots on the starfish and to sponge on white. This white is not opaque in one coat (more like 3), but it is the best white polish I have for now until I buy a one-coater white. I’ve heard that French Tip by Color Club is a great one-coater, so it’s on my list after “no-buy” is over!

Crystal Clear Top Coat from Emma Jean Cosmetics. One of my fave top coats! I used 2 coats of this as well. Again, you can find the review in “Blue, baby!”

That is all for today. What’s your fave summer mani? What kinds have you created this summer? Do you like going to the beach? Have any questions? Want to share tips/tricks? Leave a comment below! See y’all later.


Author: Holo, It's Lala's Nails

A biology student addicted to nail art.

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