Black Cherry Scented Nail Paint by Emma Jean Cosmetics – Review

*singing* smells so good, makes a nail artist cry! Yes, I changed those lyrics to make it fit me. Haha!

So, this polish was just featured in my post “Rhinestone by Nailstraz – Review”

I ordered it a couple of months ago from Emma Jean Cosmetics with a bunch of others and I am just now using it. It can be found here: Black Cherry Scented Nail Paint.

It has a very smooth formula and isn’t streaky to apply. It is opaque in two coats and it literally smells like cherry candy! I loved it! However, the scent is very faint now after top coat, which I have never experienced with scented polishes from this indie. Usually, I can still smell the scents through 2 coats of top coat. Overall, I love the color.

What do you guys think? Ever shopped with this indie? Leave a comment below! See y’all later.


Author: Holo, It's Lala's Nails

A biology student addicted to nail art.

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