Rhinestone by Nailstraz – Review

*Press Sample*

Hey lovelies! Have you ever been searching through you nail art stuff and found something that made you ask yourself where you got it from or when? Well, that happened to me yesterday!

I had no ideas for a mani this week, so I was looking through my stuff and found some slider designs. A couple of months ago, I received some rhinestones and charms from @rhinestone_by_nailstraz. At this time, I didn’t have a blog, so these products can be found on Instagram in my Under the Sea, Mother’s Day, and Sailing inspired manis. They also threw in some slider designs, and today I built up enough courage to attempt to use them. I had never used slider designs/water decals before!

After I applied Bring It On Stain Blocker Base Coat, Black Cherry Scented Nail Paint, and Crystal Clear Top Coat (all of these nail polishes were purchased by me), I cut out a section that I wanted to use and placed it in water. Anything that holds water would work for this as long as you can get tweezers inside to pick up the decal, but I used the little cup that is a part of my Twinked T Glamour Mat. I waited about 30 seconds, picked up the slider with tweezers and then slide it right off the paper it is attached to using my fingers. It slid off easily and I was able to apply it to my nail in the orientation I wanted with no problems. After that, I topped it with top coat and used a clean up brush dipped in acetone to remove excess parts. Then, I decided to throw on a few of their rhinestones because I didn’t like how the curved silver line looked. I didn’t use nail glue to adhere the rhinestones; I just put some top coat on the back of each one.

Overall thoughts:

  1. The slider designs are quick and easy to use and great for when you don’t want to do freehand designs.
  2. The rhinestones work great for the most part. Since I have used them before, I know that the small rhinestones stay on 7+ days without using nail glue, but the larger rhinestones can fall off within a couple of days if you’re not careful.

That is all for this post! Noticed I didn’t say “for today” like I usually do? That is because I have another post coming up today, featuring the Black Cherry Scented Nail Paint that I mentioned. So keep an eye out!


Do you guys like using rhinestones and charms in nail art? What about slider designs/water decals? What kind of nail art do you like to do and what supplies do you use? Let me know in the comments below! See y’all in a bit!


Author: Holo, It's Lala's Nails

A biology student addicted to nail art.

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