Sin City Beauty Box by Nailed it! Hawaii – Review

Happy Saturday! So I was so supposed to be on “No Buy” until late August, but then Nailed it! Hawaii released the Sin City Beauty Box and well, I couldn’t resist! This box includes: Bubbly Body Polish, Velvet Body Butter, Silky Satin Body Lotion, and your choice of nail polish from the Sin City Collection (I chose All That Glitters). A Sin City keepsake is also included for all Sin City orders. As always, the packaging was cute and a handwritten note and candy always warms my heart. 😊 Also, everything is created cruelty free and vegan friendly. If you have been following me on Instagram @holo_its_lalas_nails, you know by now that I am a huge fan of this indie.  I’ve been using the products in this box for a week, so I’m ready to give you a review of each.


Velvet Body Butter: The scent is Pink Sands, which has a strong citrus smell that I very much enjoy. I’ve used body butter from this shop before and loved it, but this is a new and improved formula. It is much lighter than the old formula and is almost the consistency of a lotion. Like the old formula, it is very hydrating and applies smoothly. Unlike the old formula, it is easier to massage into the skin and it absorbs into the skin faster. I only use it when I’m at home, so about 2 times a day. I like to moisturize my hands every time I use cuticle oil,  so how often I use it has nothing to do with how long the product keeps your hands hydrated. In fact, even if I wash my hands a few times after using this body butter, my hands still don’t feel dry. I used it on the rest of my body as well. Lastly, I do find myself having to use a larger amount of product for each use than I did with the old formula.


Silky Satin Body Lotion: The scent is Cucumber Melon, which has a faint smell. It applies smoothly and is easy to massage into the skin. I use this product on the go, so it’s always in my purse or backpack. I use it about 3 times a day (Again, I like to moisturize my hands every time I use cuticle oil). I’ve only used it on my hands. It is hydrating; however, for me, the body butter keeps my hands more hydrated than the lotion.


Bubbly Body Polish: The scent is Pink Cosmo, it is a light scent, and smells so good. I’ve used sugar scrubs from this shop before and they always leave my skin soft AND prevent my breakouts. I was so excited to try this new one! Bubbly, foamy sugar scrub?! Yasssss! So I typically use sugar scrub twice a week and only on my face, neck, hands, and arms. One thing I noticed when I use new sugar scrubs or washes is that I tend to break out on my face for the 1st use, but I’m fine with future uses. Well guess what? This one didn’t break me out on the first use nor the second! When you scoop it out of the little container, it’s like marshmallow goodness; much more fun to use than regular sugar scrubs (I sound like a child right now, huh?). Make sure to use a dry spoon (or dry finger if you’re like me) to scoop. The sugar particles dissolve as you rub it in and it gets so foamy! But best of all, my skin felt so soft afterwards. Compared to the other sugar scrubs from this indie, (1) it has a lighter smell than the ones I’ve used (Cotton Candy Clouds & Gummy Bearz), (2) to me, it makes my skin even softer, and (3) it is foamy!


All That Glitters: This polish… OMG… It’s got me singing “24 karat magic in the airrrrrrrr!” I love it! Gold and holo?! Yes, it’s hypnotizing. With polishes from this shop, I always use 2 coats; however, when I used 2 coats of this polish, it wasn’t as opaque as I wanted it to be. So I sponged on a 3rd coat with a makeup sponge and would suggest just sponging it on to begin with. Most of us in the nail art community know that sponging will give you maximum glitter payoff anyway. I topped it with 2 coats of top coat and had no chipping all week!

Overall thoughts:

  1. I think this is a great option for people who have never used these types of skin care products because you get to use a variety with this box, plus nail polish! It is also great for those of us who love using a variety of products and want to spoil ourselves (or others).
  2. The lotion, body butter, and sugar scrub are all hydrating and keeps skin soft. I will continue to use all three.
  3. The nail polish I chose, All That Glitters, is definitely a must-have! Especially for lovers of holo.

So that is all for today. As of now (7/22/2017), there are still boxes available, so if this sounds like something you may be interested in, head over to Nailed it! Hawaii’s Etsy store. You may even find something else you’ll love!


Have you ever used any products from Nailed it! Hawaii? If so, what kind? Have you ever bought nail polish, nail care products, or skin care products from an indie? If so, which indie? Leave a comment below! See y’all later.


Author: Holo, It's Lala's Nails

A biology student addicted to nail art.

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