Imperial by My Stunning Nails – Review

​*Press Sample*

Hey lovelies! How are y’all doing? I hope you’re all doing good. I’m doing OK. A little stressed out from studying for my physics final, which is next week! But I received some nail goodies to play with this week, which definitely has helped me unwind.

Lisa at My Stunning Nails sent me another nail polish to review! For a little background information about My Stunning Nails, check out the first review I did for this indie here. Don’t forget that you can use my code PRLK15OFF for 15% off a minimum of $5.

*All of the following swatches are applied over Bye, Girl! Latex Barrier (it doubles as a peel off base coat) and topped with Glisten and Glow Top Coat.

*My rating is a 5 point scale based on whether a nail polish has a good formula (2 points), is opaque in 3 coats (1 point), is opaque in 2 coats (1 point), and is pretty in my opinion (1 point).

Imperial – Nail Polish of August

Description: A light holographic bluish purple with a pinkish hue that brings to mind royal robes.

Application: Smooth formula. Not streaky. Easy to use brush. No problems at all!

Opacity: 2 coats

Availability: Available now.

Price: $5 USD for the month of August.

Overall thoughts: Lovely color. Y’all know I love the holo! I was scared at first that this polish would be sheer, but I was overjoyed to see that it is completely opaque in 2 coats. Definitely one of my faves from this indie.

My rating: 5/5

That is all for now! I’ll be posting another review shortly. Be sure to check out My Stunning Nails’s store and social media, which are linked below:

If you have any questions or anything to share, feel free to leave a comment below. See y’all later.

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