Snowflakes for Christmas

Hey lovelies! How’s it going? Today, we are going to talk about my final Christmas mani of this year. It’s been really difficult for me to get this post written because I’ve been busy with Christmas parties and shopping LOL but let’s get right into it!

Products used:

How to:

  1. After applying base coat, I applied Bye, Girl! Latex Barrier around my nail, but avoiding my nail. You want this barrier on any area of skin that you think will get messy with polish from using the sponge technique. Let dry until it is clear.
  2. I used the sponge technique to apply Me & You to my index finger, pinky finger, and thumb.
  3. I used the sponge technique to apply Blue Belle to my ring finger and middle finger.
  4. I applied top coat to all nails.
  5. I dipped my detail brush into French White Creme to draw on the snowflakes.
  6. The snowflakes are pretty easy to draw, but if you need step-by-step visual instructions, I suggest watching this video by Kelli Marissa.
  7. I let the snowflakes dry for about 15 mins, then applied top coat.
  8. That’s it!

That’s all for today lovelies! Super easy! I won’t be posting until sometime after Christmas, but before New Year’s Eve (I have to do a NYE mani!), so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Questions? Concerns? Tips and tricks? Leave them in the comments section below! See y’all later.

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