Graduation 2018 Waterslide Nail Decals by Lucky Star Style – Review

Hey loves! I’m back again! Yes, 2 posts in one night! LOL. In the previous post, I reviewed the Texas Tech Red Raiders Nail Decals from Enigma Design Company (click here to view).  In this post, I am reviewing the Graduation 2018 Waterslide Nail Decals that I used in the same graduation mani.

I ordered the Graduation 2018 Waterslide Nail Decals from Lucky Star Style’s Etsy store. Lucky Star Style sells various types of water decals, ranging from animals to pop culture, etc. They also have their own website to order from if you do not wish to use Etsy. Custom designs are also available. This was my first time ordering from them, so let’s right get into the review!

Graduation 2018 Waterslide Nail Decals

Description: 20 water decals that can be ordered in child size or adult size.

How to use: After applying base coat, base color, and top coat, I cut out a decal and removed the protective plastic. I then placed the sticky side of the decal on my nail, used a damp sponge to wet the back of the decal, and removed the back paper. I let it dry for about 2 mins, then sealed it in with 2 coats of top coat.

Availability: Available now.

Price: $1.95 USD on their Etsy store. $1.75 USD on their website.

Overall thoughts: I really like these decals! They looked exactly like the pictures, they were easy to apply, and applied evenly. They are lasting a fair amount of time. It has been 4 days and the decals have only peeled a bit on the clear edges, not on the actual design. There is some residue around the edges of the decals from when I was doing my makeup yesterday, which was after 3 days of wearing them. Overall, I would order from this brand again and I do recommend them!

That is all for today! Be sure to check out Lucky Star Style’s website, Etsy store, and Instagram.

Questions? Concerns? Tips and tricks? Leave them in the comments section below! See y’all later.

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