Texas Tech Red Raiders Nail Decals by Enigma Design Company – Review

Hey loves! How’s everyone? Great I hope! As some of you may know, I graduated yesterday (May 18th) with my BS in Biology, minor in Chemistry, & Summa Cum Laude. I did my nails for graduation on May 15th. Click here to for mani details. In this post, I am reviewing the Texas Tech Red Raiders Nail Decals that I used.

I ordered the Texas Tech Red Raiders Nail Decals from Enigma Design Company. Enigma Design Company sells many different nail decals on Etsy, ranging from football to special causes, etc. This was my first time ordering from them, so let’s right get into the review!

Texas Tech Red Raiders Nail Decals

Description: 1 sheet of 51 total water decals of 5 different types.

How to use: After applying base coat, base color, and top coat, I cut out a TTU symbol and placed it in a container of water for 30 seconds. I picked up the decal with tweezers and used my fingers to slide the TTU symbol off of the back paper. The symbol stuck to one of my fingers, so I was able to press that finger against the desired nail in order to apply it. I let it dry for about 2 minutes then sealed everything in with 2 coats of top coat.

Availability: Available now.

Price: $3.75 USD

Overall thoughts: Unfortunately, I do not like these water decals, so here’s a list of the pros and cons in my experience with these decals:

  1. Do they look exactly like the pictures? Yes.
  2. Were they easy to apply? Yes.
  3. Did they apply perfectly? No, they applied a little wrinkly. However, I have only used water decals twice before, so that could just be user error.
  4. Did they last a fair amount of time? No. The decals peeled within 24 hours. The polish was still intact, but not the decals. Half of the decal was missing on each hand, and my nails hadn’t been through anything extreme; just showers and regular hand washing. Also, I sealed them in with 2 coats of top coat, so I’m not sure what the issue could be other than quality. We could blame it on user error again; however, I didn’t have this problem with the water decals I used in the past or the other ones that I used in this same mani.
  5. Do I recommend them? No. If you lovelies wanna try them out for yourselves, go ahead, but I’m not going to recommend a product to y’all that I had a bad experience with.

That is all for today! Look for the next post in which I review the other water decals that were a part of this mani. Questions? Concerns? Tips and tricks? Leave them in the comments section below! See y’all later.

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