Purple Glam + Finally A Successful Stamp

Hey lovelies! How are y’all? Good I hope! Well, I had another nail break on my swatching hand as you can tell. My last nail break on my swatching hand was about 3 months ago. Oh well, I knew it was bound to happen from all the stuff I’ve been moving. And I couldn’t bear to cut my other nails as short as my ring finger nail; it’s a nub! Give me another 2 months, and I’ll have long nails again, so no worries! Although, I am gonna keep them short (but maybe a tad bit longer than they are now) since I am starting optometry school in late August. Extra long nails just aren’t gonna be ideal as an optometry student nor as an optometrist. Anywho, enough blabbing. Let’s get into the details of this mani!

Products used:

How to:

  1. Apply base coat, base colors, and top coat. Let dry.
  2. For 2 of the purple nails, I used a dotting tool to apply a straight line of silver holo dots down the center of each nail. Do the same to the thumb nail.
  3. For the white nail, I used the same dotting tool to apply silver holo dots and purple dots diagonally to the nail.
  4. For one of the purple nails, I used white polish to stamp. Here is my version of stamping instructions, but I suggest watching a YouTube video on stamping as well:
    • Once your stamper, scraper, and stamping plate have been cleaned with acetone, apply white polish to the design on the stamping plate that you desire.
    • Quickly scrape the polish on the plate using the scraper, and quickly press the stamper onto the plate (do this using a rolling motion).
    • Quickly, but carefully, press the stamper onto the nail using the same rolling motion to transfer the design.
  5. Let all nails dry for at least 30 mins to prevent smearing.
  6. Apply top coat. Let dry.
  7. That’s it!

That is all for today! Questions? Concerns? Tips and tricks? Leave them in the comments section below! See y’all later.

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