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Hey lovelies! How are y’all? Doing well? I hope so! I am so overjoyed to say that my Physics II class is over! I took my final exam Tuesday! It’s finished! It’s done! Hooray! LOL I start the fall semester on August 28th, so I will have a little more relaxation time until then. I still won’t be completely relaxed because I’m prepping for the Optometry Admissions Test, which I take on September 7th, so wish me luck!  I am still on my summertime spree of nail art and this week’s mani features my attempt at pineapple nail art!

When I received items from Maggie at BeautyBigBang last week to review, she also threw in some cuticle protectors. I’ve never used cuticle protectors before; just liquid latex, so I will be reviewing those in this post as well. For a little background information about this online retailer, read the first review I did of their products hereDon’t forget that you can use my code LALA010 for 10% off your order!

10Pcs Peel Off Cuticle Protecting Tape: Latex or Latex-free


Before smooshy

After smooshy

After removing protectors

Description: These protectors ared used to reduce cleanup when doing messy nail art, such as watermarble, smooshies, gradients, and even just sponging on glitter nail polish. There’s 5 color choices to choose from and you can order latex or latex free.

Application: I peeled up each protector with tweezers and placed them around my cuticles. I recommended using the tweezers to fit and stretch the protectors on your fingers, then press down on the protectors with your fingers to secure them. When you are done painting your nails, remove the protectors with tweezers carefully.

Price: Latex: $2.59 USD. Latex-free: $1.99 USD.

Overall thoughts: These are pretty good at protecting your cuticles. I did still have a little cleanup, which I experience with liquid latex as well, but I feel like I had to do more cleanup with these. That could be due to not securing them well because they kept lifting up in places. So I definitely think I would have to use these a few times before I get used to them. Personally, I still like liquid latex better and will continue to use that because I’m already used to dealing with it. However, I do reccomend giving these protectors a try because you may like them and they do work!

Nail art technique:

For my accent nail, I applied base coat as always, a white undie, and chose orange as my base color. Then, I applied top coat and waited 30 mins before I applied striping tape in diagonal patterns from the left then right. Next, I applied a yellow polish over the striping tape and immediately removed the tape. After letting it dry for about 5 mins, I applied top coat and used a green polish to draw on 3 leaves with a small dotting tool. Once I was done with that, I added orange rhinestones to the center of each “diamond” shape in the pineapple. I used top coat to stick the rhinestones to my nail.

For the rest of my nails, I applied a white undie, let it dry for about 10 mins, then used a stamper to make smooshy nails. This step can be accomplished by obtaining a clean stamper, dropping different colors of nail polish on it, and smooshing it on to your nail. Just be sure to use a latex barrier or latex-free cuticle protectors to reduce cleanup.  Cleanup as necessary; I used a small nail brush and 100% acetone.  And don’t forget to seal all of your nails (pineapple included) with top coat (I use two coats).

Products used:

Bring It On Stain Blocker Base Coat from Superchic Lacquer.  My fave best coat! No problems with the formula and it is a milky base coat (that’s good!). Dries very fast. I always use 2 coats.

Cuticle protectors from BeautyBigBang: Latex or Latex-free

French White Crème from wet n wild. This is opaque in 3 or 4 coats and applies streaky. I used 3 coats.

Nuclear War from wet n wild. A neon orange that is opaque in 3 coats and is a little streaky.

D’oh! from wet n wild. A bright yellow that applies streaky and is opaque in 3 or 4 coats. I used about 3 coats, but I didn’t let each coat dry because you’re supposed to remove nail vinyls and striping tape while the polish is still wet.

Nameless green mini from wet n wild. Since I haven’t used this polish all over my nails, I can’t say anything about its opacity, but it does seem very sheer.

Orange rhinestones from @rhinestone_by_nailstraz. Easy to use. They stay on until you take them off!

Glisten and Glow Top Coat (formerly known as HK Girl Top Coat). I’ve been using this top coat since last week and I really like it. It keeps your manicure long lasting and gives it a nice shine. So far, I’d say it is just as great as Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat from SuperChic Lacquer and Crystal Clear Top Coat from Emma Jean Cosmetics.

That is all for today lovelies! Be sure to check out BeautyBigBang’s store and social media, which are linked below:

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What is your favorite fruit? I’m a big fan of grapes, cherries, and pears. Actually, pineapples are my least favorite fruit because they always cut my tongue LOL. Let me know in the comments below. See y’all later.

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