St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art

Hey y’all hey! How’s everyone doing? Great I hope! Since St. Patrick’s day is Saturday, and I usually change my nails every Friday/Saturday, I decided to go ahead and do St. Patrick’s Day nail art today. Hence, I wanted you lovelies to have a chance to re-create this nail art without being rushed. These nails were really a last minute thing for me; I literally just finished them a couple of hours ago because I didn’t really feel like doing my nails LOL. We all have days like that even if we’re nail art obsessed, but I did it for y’all, so let’s get right into it!

Products used:

*I chose to use a peel-off base coat because the polishes I used are heavy in glitter. I loooooove these polishes; however, I have experienced that they take longer to remove (and yes, I use 100% acetone). Therefore, I felt like I was “scrubbing” at my nails for too long, and I don’t soak my nails in acetone with foil, so it’s best for me to just use a peel-off base coat with these two polishes.

**If you’re allergic to latex, I recommend using latex-free cuticle protectors.

How to:

  1. Apply base coat. Let dry.
  2. Apply one thin coat of the lightest color polish (gold). Let dry.
  3. Apply the protective barrier around your cuticles. If using liquid latex, let dry.
  4. Use makeup wedges to make gradients. Let each coat dry.
  5. Apply top coat. Let dry.
  6. Apply the individuals clover stickers from the stencils to your nails. Yes, you can leave the stickers on your nails instead of using them just as stencils.
  7. Seal in your design with top coat.
  8. That’s it!

That’s all for today loves! Questions? Concerns? Tips and tricks? Leave them in the comments section below! See y’all later.

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Cupid Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me

Happy Sunday lovelies! How are y’all? Great, I hope! Well, I finally did nail art again! It’s been like a month because I’ve been so busy, but I had to do nail art for Valentine’s Day, of course! Also, this Valentine’s nail art is actually really simple and easy, so let’s get into the details!

Products used:

How to:

  1. Apply base coat. I used one coat.
  2. Apply pink linear holo until opaque (2 coats).
  3. Apply one coat of top coat.
  4. Once the top coat has dried for 30 mins, peel off the foil stickers (use tweezers) carefully and place on nail(s). Make sure that all of the edges of the sticker(s) are smooth and flat (you may have to gently flatten it with your fingers; that’s why I wait 30 mins for the top coat to dry).
  5. Apply top coat to the back of the gems (I just do this using the top coat brush) and place on nail(s).
  6. Apply top coat on entire nail.
  7. That’s it!

That’s all for today loves! I hope you enjoyed and have a great Valentine’s Day! Questions? Concerns? Tips and tricks? Leave them in the comments section below! See y’all later. Besitos.

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Holographic Unicorns

Hey lovelies! Happy New Year! I hope you all are doing well. Today, we have my first mani of 2018! I decided to create a mani that really reflects what I like; pink & holo! Yes, it may be a new year, but it is the same me when it comes to nail art LOL. This mani was quick and easy, so let’s get right into the details!

Products used:

How to:

  1. Apply base coat. I used 2 coats.
  2. Apply base color nail polish. I used 3 coats of Spring Fling.
  3. Apply top coat and wait 30 minutes.
  4. Apply the unicorn vinyls to your nails and use the sponge technique to carefully dab the desired nail polish onto the stencil (not outside of it). I used Me & You for the unicorn.
  5. Immediately peel off the vinyl while the polish is still wet (use tweezers).
  6. Seal in everything with top coat.
  7. That’s it!

That’s all for today loves! Questions? Concerns? Tips and tricks? Leave them in the comments section below! See y’all later. Besitos.

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Thanksgiving Mani: 10 steps!

Hey lovelies! How are y’all? Ready for Thanksgiving? I know I am! That means no Wednesday and Thursday classes or work for me next week! Lol! Today, I have really cute Thanksgiving nail art. It feels like I haven’t done detailed nail art is soooo long. So let’s get right into the details!
I’m making notes before we start because I know some of my followers may be beginners to nail art ❤

Note: Don’t forget to let each layer dry before applying more polish. Dry time varies, so you learn with practice! Most polishes should be dry within 5 mins though.

Note: When reusing a tool, don’t forget to use acetone to clean the nail polish off before dipping the tool into another polish. You don’t want a muddy design.

Products & Technique:

1. Apply 1-2 coats of base coat to clean, bare nails. I used 2 coats of Foundation Base Coat by Ah Ha! Nail Lacquer. Review here.

2. Apply white nail polish to your accent nail until opaque. I used French White Crème by wet n wild, which is crappy. I had to use 4 coats and it’s very streaky.

3. Apply a brown polish to the rest of your nails until opaque. I used Chocolate Praline Layered Cake by Emma Jean Cosmetics. It applied like a dream, was opaque in 2 coats, and smelled like chocolate cake when it dried!

4. Apply 1-2 coats of glossy top coat to all nails. I used Glisten & Glow’s Top Coat.

Note: It’s time to start making the turkey and let the other nails dry for about 30 mins because we’re gonna apply nail vinyls to them.

5. Use a small nail art brush to draw on red, yellow, and orange feathers that spread out radially on the accent nail. I used a 7mm brush from BeautyBigBang (Use my code LALA010 for 10% off), a nameless mini red Sally Hansen polish, and Nuclear War and D’oh! by wet n wild. When you finish this step, there should be a white space that is surrounded by the feathers; this is where we will put the turkey body.

6. Take the brown polish and apply it to the white space that is surrounded by feathers. You can do this with the nail polish brush. Just be careful and take your time.

7. Take a dotting tool, dip it in brown polish, and apply it above the body we just made. This action should form a head, and the size of the head will depend on the size of the body. Also, you may need to extend the feathers after this step if the turkey head covered some of them.

8. Take white polish on a small dotting tool; one that you know will make smaller dots than the head. Use it to start making eyes. Take an even smaller dotting tool dipped in black to place tiny black dots inside the white dots. Now we have eyes! I used Noir by Nicka K New York (can’t find an online link to it). Using the same dotting tool, apply an orange line (upside-down triangle if you’re that skilled) under the eyes. Apply top coat. I waited 30 mins before applying top coat in order to avoid smears. The turkey is done!

9. Apply leaf nail vinyls to all the brown nails. Apply them how you want; straight, sideways, it’s up to you. I used Fall Stencils from Whats Up Nails.

10. Add whatever colors you want to a small piece of makeup sponge and dab it on the nails that have nail vinyls. I did a gradient effect to make each leaf look more realistic than a solid color. The green I used is a mini no-name by wet n wild. Just be very careful with this step because you don’t want to get the colors outside of the leaf. Do one nail at a time and immediately remove vinyls on finished nails. Apply top coat (I waited 30 mins again).

Note: Clean up as necessary, apply your fave cuticle oil, and take some pics of your new Thanksgiving mani! 

That’s all for today loves! Hope y’all enjoyed. If you do recreate this mani, I would love to see! Use #lookhololala on Instagram, so I can see your lovely recreations. Also, my giveaway ends tonight at 11pm CST, so check it out here before it’s over!

Questions? Concerns? Tips and tricks? Leave them in the comments section below! See y’all later.

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